Zero waste does not mean zero taste ™

(eee) is a female-owned benefit corporation and certified b-corp that produces scalable sustainable eco-events. We keep the well being of the planet at the forefront of our service to people and profit. Our purpose is to use business as a force for social, environmental and economic benefit. And we do it well.

Since incorporating in 2014 we have only had client-to-client referral based projects and repeat business with the people and organizations we love so much. Why? They know that we are not here to simply decorate a space, feed people and stage pretty pictures for instagram. Rather, we become production partners and take on the 
mission of our clients.  And we do it well.

2020 will mark a special shift for (eee). Our
intention is to get intentional about those we want to work with. We are growing up and reaching out to elevate people, organizations and companies that inspire us to #DreamBig #BreakBarriers and most of all #EffectPositiveChange

Evelina Marchetti

founder & c(eee)o

For the past 10 years, Evelina Marchetti has ascended the global event sector, with sustainability and affection for the human race at the forefront of her ventures and values. With a background in hospitality and business, she began co-creating eco-events long before environmentally friendly was trendy, mastering the art of creating innovative experiences that inspire social responsibility. Her repeat clientele and sphere of influence ranges from the celebrity and corporate elites, global environmental organizations and world-class non-profit foundations.

Evelina’s dedication to regenerative practice has earned (eee) the distinguished Best for the World Honoree by B Lab in 2017 and 2019, among Certified B Corporations, for-profit companies dedicated to using business as a force for good. Her ability to produce functions that are tasteful, imaginative and deliver a low-carbon footprint is at the core of what makes Evelina an industry leader in event production in California and around the globe.