I have had the pleasure of being immersed inside of many EEE events with Evelina. What's amazing is that not only is it a top notch production and consumer experience, but when you couple that with the fact that it's ECO friendly and the event is carbon neutral, you leave with a fulfilled feeling that no other events can replicate.

Erik Logan, President of the Oprah Winfrey Network

Not only does Evelina thoughtfully pull together amazing, sexy events with personal touches everywhere you look, but she does it in a sustainable way, with zero waste. This female run business is the future of event production and made with 100% love.

Ashlan Gorce Cousteau. Journalist, Adventurer, Advocate

Few are able to meet and exceed all of the nuances of top level event production to such a degree where all of those who attend are completely lifted up as a result of its 'masters' touch. This is Evelina’s forté!

Andrew McDonald. The Agency Luxury Real Estate Brokerage.

"We've been grateful to have Evelina's expertise these last two years to help produce our annual benefit gala with a nurturing, yet savvy and dynamic approach. She brings a mindfulness and mission-centric approach to her event plan in order to produce a holistic and memorable experience from beginning to end."

Victoria Lanier. Executive Director, Education Through Music - Los Angeles

“Evelina’s compassion for people and the earth shines through in everything she does. She is task and detail oriented (create a Google Spreadsheet for her and you’ll have her heart forever) and a social media crackerjack, but it’s her passion for how her skills can serve a greater purpose that sets her apart.”

Robbie Schaefer. Founder of OneVoice

"Evelina's communication and event production skills are extraordinary. She anticipates and meets each person's needs, while simultaneously attending to program details and maintaining time structures. Evelina is a treasure."

Taibi Kahler. Founder Kahler Communications

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